Quienes Somos

Beehive School and BYS, is a unique school in Guatemala, since we are the first institution in the west of the country that will have the international certification AdvancED that supports us as a responsible and innovative institution in education.

Beehive Town called the Pre-Primary area, currently has:

8 individual classrooms

Green areas

Play area

The Primary, Basic and Diversified are located in modules equipped for each level. They have:

1 Virtual Classroom

1 Computer lab

1 Laboratory of Chemistry and Physics

2 Libraries

1 Coffee shop

2 Sports courts


Area for carpool.

The buildings, furniture and equipment have been acquired and created so that the students have a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. It has the necessary resources for the current learning like IPads,proyectors, Playful material - didactic for mathematics.


Families belonging to Beehive seek to have a comprehensive education for young people and children, which surpasses the expectations that they regularly find in Quetzaltenango, to be provided with care and education with moral and ethical values, to be given personalized and adequate attention, In addition they are committed to the good education of their children supporting activities inside and outside the school, social projection programs and seminars; Are in constant communication with teachers and principals to ensure the progress of their children. Some of the characteristics of Beehive School are: Fully bilingual school, English as a second language American curriculum High technology performance Preparation for national and international university education Training in values Programs to continue studies at home or abroad Beehive School takes care of the safety of each student, has a low rate of social problems in adolescents and children, and the small group in each classroom makes it easier to monitor constantly in relation to their academic studies.