In this 2017 we celebrate 14 years of innovation and educational development, we have opened doors that had not been touched and we discovered places that no one had explored in search of excellence and continuous improvement that each person should have. We have the great challenge of surpassing our own expectations by being candidates for the international educational accreditation of AdvancED where everyone as part of this family will participate in one way or another. First of all we as teachers have the challenge of being at the forefront in methods, strategies and educational techniques that go according to what the world today expects and requires a successful professional. Our students must also prepare and take advantage of all the resources and tools that are provided to them, they are the heart of this great project and we need their energy and energy to see all the efforts reflected in their success. And of course our dear parents who have trusted us to be the driving force behind their children in each of the subjects.


A learning alternative for intermediate school students to achieve a double degree endorsed by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI)


Analyzing and solving problems, using Lego programming and construction tools.


Elementary school have fun and learn by being part of a club, such as: Painting, School Newspaper, Cheerleaders, Soccer, Chess and more…


Different programs on soccer, basketball, volley ball, and track and field, competing at regional and national levels with the goal of playing sports as an integral part of students lives.


Online program to improve reading comprehension through different exercises, developing memory speed and vocabulary.


Kindergarten program in which students take a book home every week, according to their age, to encourage their parent to spend time reading with them.